When your love, effort, and care for your loved-one don't seem to be productive, it leaves feelings of exhaustion, anger, and/or resentment.

Are you scared of being judged by others for sharing your feelings? Do people who have your best interest in mind advise you to let it go but don't know how?

It's not to easy to make a change by yourself. Let me guide you in exploring more freedom, potential and joy.

When people are in unhealthy relationships, common symptoms they claim are:

Insomnia, Lack of focus, Anxiety, Depression, Anger resentment issues, Nervousness, Low self-esteem, Overeating, drinking and other excessive behaviors.

Some of common approaches for therapy are:

Cognitive behavioral therapy, Psychodynamic theory, Mindfulness, 12-steps

If you are experiencing those issues, we can work together for a positive change.
My goals is for you to have more confidence, more positivity, and more joy.

Location & Contact

Chihiro Usami, M.A., MFT

3465 Torrance Blvd #N, Torrance CA 90503