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We provide creative and extensive services in web design, graphic design, and digital marketing including SEO strategies.

UI/UX, Website Design

In addition to providing services of the highest design quality, we offer flexible contents and a flexible fee system to meet our clients’ needs. We can customize website structures so that clients will be able to update the contents of their own websites, including layouts for PCs, tablets, and mobile devices (creation of responsive website) or full-scale CMS (Content Management System).

Building the CMS (Content Management System) in particular can reduce cost by building a structure to allow the client to perform updates. Various customized CMSs can be built, such as e-commerce sites, blog systems, vehicle management systems, tour contents for travel agencies, restaurant menus, and company products registration. Currently, we have many clients who are happy with their CMSs built by us.

Technologies used in design and website production are constantly updated to the latest UI/UX theories like those discussed in Silicon Valley, and we provide services of the highest quality, together with our pursuit of use-friendly interfaces. If you have any interest in website creation services, please CONTACT US .

Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization, or SEO, means a process to make a website appear higher ranked in the result lists of search engines (especially Google). To perform SEO, various measures and analyses are now required, and algorithms are becoming increasingly complex. Tricky SEO strategies that used to be effective before no longer work in the current situations.

Your website must be updated continuously (ongoing updates of contents) for effective SEO strategies. It is also necessary that keywords to be hit by search are investigated and potential keyword targets that will positively affect the search results are selected, in order to push up the website ranking.

Furthermore, your website needs improvement in cases such as you don’t know why your website is not attracting the expected number of visitors or not selling many products. Based on the growth hacking theory, we analyze your website using various tools to identify the problems and points of improvement to change it for the better.

Creation of a website is not a finish line. To attract more visitors, you must regularly update as described above. By analyzing the website, we propose necessary updates every month (through a regular meeting to report the measures taken and change in its ranking). If you have any interest in SEO strategies and other website improvement services, please CONTACT US .

Graphic Design, DTP

Designing company logos, printed materials (DTP), brochures, flyers, menus, and business cards is also our specialty. We create various graphics based on the graphic design theory and typographic theory we have acquired over many years of experience. We also keep branding in mind for design and production to achieve the goal of helping you communicate the design and services of your company more clearly to your clients.

We create designs so that your clients who see the company logo and other graphics or read the printed materials would recognize your company’s concept, target and other characteristics of your services (based on branding strategies), not to mention providing you with services of the highest design quality.

As for printed materials, you can select paper by thickness, gross, matte and other options, or even plastic business cards. Please CONTACT US if you are interested in our print design services.