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10 Tips of Miso Dispencer
The Miso Soup Dispenser is ideal for setting such as
How to Use Marukome Miso Soup Dispenser
Miso Express


MIso Soup Dispencer

Marukome's Miso Soup Dispenser mixes miso and water just below the boiling point ... never overheats ... and always allows you to produce just enough servings! Say goodbye to problems making miso soup, and let Marukome's Miso Soup Dispenser do the work for you. A push of the button delivers fresh and savory miso soup instantly, every time! The convenient miso pak makes approximately 100 servings per bag.

10 Tips of Miso Dispencer

Tips01 One serving takes only 4 seconds to make.
Tips02 Dispense as much as you need, when you need it.
Tips03 Always uniform consistency, texture and taste — fully automated.
Tips04 Dispenser can handle heavy use at peak restaurant times.
Tips05 Never touch miso or water during preparation.
Tips06 Maintenance is easy — insert one miso pak per day.
Tips07 Setting up is simple and operation always clean.
Tips08 Maintenance is effortless — just rinse the nozzle with warm water weekly.
Tips09 No more wasting of ingredients!
Tips10 Comes with dashi made with selected ingredients including bonito and kelp, with absolutely NO MSG.

The Miso Soup Dispenser is ideal for setting such as

  • Japanese restaurants.
  • Hotel buffets.
  • Fast-food and takeout restaurants.
  • Office and school cafeterias.
  • Other commercial food-service settings.
Miso Soup Dispenser

How to Use Marukome Miso Soup Dispenser

Miso Soup Dispenser01
  • Adjust the intensity of flavor, water temperature, and consistency using the on-board control panel.
  • Place the miso pak in the dispenser.
  • Prepare your customers' favorite vegetables, such as wakame seaweed, green onions, or tofu, and place into the serving bowl.
  • Place the bowl under the dispenser nozzle.
  • Press the button and in just 4 seconds you will have fresh serving of miso soup!


  • Lease at $49 or $60 per month — for a 48- or 36-month term.
  • Deposit $221/$150 down, with good credit.
  • Lease-end buyout: $150.
  • Lease amount and deposit may be adjusted depending on shipping, tax, and optional parts.
  • Prices vary with current interest rates.
Miso Soup Dispenser02

Remember, Marukome takes pride in its highest-quality miso, and we are pioneers in restaurant-grade miso. We demand only top-quality ingredients, plentifully used, to produce the freshest miso — including top-quality bonito and seaweed broth. And don't forget the health benefits of miso — protein-rich soybeans provide essential amino acids, while contributing to lower cholesterol, the prevention of artery blocking, and even cancer prevention. Plus, a wide variety of miso flavors is available from which to choose.

Miso Soup Dispenser Department:
Tel: 1-877-EAT MISO (1-877-328-6476)
Email: Go to Contact form

Miso Express

Miso Express is also Miso Soup making product. 1 push 1 serving Miso Soup, So easy to use!

Press the pump and add hot water and garnish to easily enjoy fresh and delicious miso soup!

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