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Among countless other applications Miso can be used as a base for marinades; as a glaze ingredient for broiled fish; eaten as a dip with cucumber spears; stuffed under the skin of poultry before roasting; in stewed pork; on mashed potatoes as a gravy; and whenever you need a savory zing added to food.

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Instruction for use Marukome miso soup dispenser

Marukome's Miso Soup Dispenser mixes miso and water just below the boiling point ... never overheats ... and always allows you to produce just enough servings! Say goodbye to problems making miso soup, and let Marukome's Miso Soup Dispenser do the work for you. A push of the button delivers fresh and savory miso soup instantly, every time! The convenient miso pak makes approximately 100 servings per bag.

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