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Our Story  Marukome was established and began manufacturing Miso in 1854. Today Marukome is known as the #1 Miso company in Japan and throughout the world, and has many varieties of Miso and processed Miso products, such as Dengaku Miso (Sweet Red Miso sauce) and Miso & Sesame Mayonnaise Sauce. Marukome uses only the finest ingredients to make the highest quality Miso you can find anywhere.

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At Marukome's immaculate, cutting-edge factory facilities, Miso is prepared by mixing steamed soybeans with koji yeast and salt, then allowing the mixture to ferment for several months. Marukome uses the most modern preparation systems within a state-of-the-art production line. Rice- and soybean-steaming systems, as well as 120-ton fermentation tanks, are all part of the production line.

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Marukome uses only non-GMO (Genetically Modified Organism) soybeans to produce high-quality Miso at its factories. Soybeans are rinsed and soaked within large tanks for several hours so that the soybeans become soft. Then, they are either steamed or boiled.

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Rice is sorted, rinsed, and soaked for several hours in a large tank. Then, after steaming, koji bacillus is introduced, and incubated overnight to produce the variety of yeast necessary in making the best Miso.